CPE Training Supervisor-Educator

Training Supervisor-Educator Requirements:

Education Requirements:

  • A graduate degree with a minimum of 72 hours in theology or a related discipline from an accredited school.

Credentialing Requirements:

  • A Certificate of CPE (1600 hours) and A Certificate of Supervisory Education.
  • Board Certified Chaplain (BCC)
  • Minimum of 2 years of active supervision as an approved CPE Supervisor-Educator and completion of Learning Management System (LMS) Modules-TSEC 2000-2003.
  • Submit a new certificate for certification and meet with the Credentialing Committee.

Application Items:

  • Submission of Application
  • Academic transcripts required
  • Current background check
  • Evidence of Ecclesiastical (Faith Group) Endorsement of approval
  • Submission of Training Supervisor-Educator course certificate


Submission of certification from a recognized pastoral cognate group, Reciprocity Application, and completion of CPEI Learning Management System Modules (LMS).

Qualifications Upon Credentialing: To supervise students in the Certificate of CPE program and the Certificate of Supervisory Education program