Supervisory Candidates

Certification Actions for Supervisory Candidates

Supervisory Candidate Review (STEP 1 - Captsone Assignment SEC 800)

  1. Candidates will submit a copy of their Model of Pastoral Supervision (Step 1- Capstone Assignment) at the conclusion of SEC 800 here
  2. Identify and train reviewer(s) to read Supervisory Candidates Pastoral Model of Supervision.
  3. Forward a response to the candidate within 5 days of receiving a report. The report should highlight key points from the readers and recommendations for further development.

Supervisory Candidate (STEP 2 - Capstone Assignment SEC 900)

  1. Candidates will submit a copy of their Step 2 Capstone Assignment at the conclusion of SEC 900 here
  2. Appoint a Presenter who is responsible for reading the applicant’s materials and using the supervisor Certification assessment provide to the other reviewers key issues for discussion
  3. Identify and train reviewer(s) to conduct interview for candidate.
  4. Provide for the candidate a projected date for a credentialing review.
  5. Approved: Submit to the Administrative Assistant the approval form to provide a certificate
  6. Mentor: Provide the name of a Mentor for the newly approved CPE Supervisor for a period of no less than one year.
  7. Not Approved: Within 5 days of the interview, email the candidate a summary of the committee’s findings and recommendations using this form