CPE Supervisor-Educator

CPE Supervisor-Educator Requirements:

Education Requirements:

  • A master’s degree (minimum of 72 graduate hours) in theology or a related discipline from an accredited school.

Credentialing Requirements:
   a. A Certificate of CPE (1600 hours) and a Certificate of Supervisory Education
   b. Board Certified Chaplain (BCC)

Application Items:
a. Submission of Application and meet the following standards:

     SC:1.1-Articulate knowledge of pastoral supervision and the supervisory process.
     SC:1.2-Demonstrate an awareness of supervisory literature.
     SC:1.3-Demonstrate the ability to integrate theory and knowledge in supervisory practice.
     SC:1.4-Describe the ability to use critical relationships for consultation and support.
     SC:2.0-Demonstrate the ability to integrate theory and knowledge in supervisory practice.
     SC:2.1-Demonstrate the ability to assist in student development and evaluation.
     SC:2.2-Demonstrate the ability to practice ethical supervision.
     SC:3.0-Articulate an awareness of the administration and management of CPE.
     SC:4.0-Discuss spiritual, emotional, and physical self-care.
     SC:4.1-Demonstrate the ability to engage others for consultation and support.
     SC:4.2-Demonstrate self-awareness as well as professional and pastoral identity as a supervisor-educator.
     SC:5.0-Demonstrate oral and written communication competency, reflecting graduate-level work. Use of APA, Turabian, or a similar format
     SC 5.1-Present in a manner that reflects professional behavior, including appropriate attire and a confidential setting for the review.

b. Academic Transcript required
c. Current background check
d. Evidence of Ecclesiastical (Faith Group) Endorsement or approval

Certification submission from a recognized pastoral cognate group, Reciprocity Application, and completion of CPEI Learning Management System Modules (LMS).

Qualification Upon Certification: To supervise students enrolled in the Certificate of CPE program