Supervisor-Educator Emeritus

CPE Supervisor-Educator Emeritus Requirements

  1. Individuals certified as a CPE Supervisor-Educator with CPEI or another pastoral care cognate group.
  2. Individuals awarded the status as a CPE Supervisor-Emeritus are considered a valuable resource to CPEI and its students as a consultant and remain engaged as a colleague for purposes of support and collaboration.
  3. Supervisor-Educators Emeritus are held to CPEI’s Code of Professional Ethics but are not required to meet the other annual requirements of supervisors-educators, i.e., annual evaluation, continuing education requirements, etc.
  4. Completion of a minimum of two courses of CPE and a minimum of two CPEI pastoral counseling courses. (State licensure may apply for one course)
  5. Completion of CPEI’s Supervisory Education Courses or reciprocity.