Student Integrity & Academic Honesty

Students are expected to conduct themselves with professional, personal, and ethical integrity in every aspect of CPE training.

This includes following the CPEI Code of Professional Conduct and the expectations set forth in an internship site.

  1. Be respectful and tolerant of differing opinions in the learning and internship environment.
  2. Be informed of the course and internship expectations. If you do not know or understand, ask.
  3. Be punctual and on time in all aspects of the CPE program, including the internship responsibilities.
  4. Be prepared with the course expectations. Only present work that is current and not work from a previous course, e.g., verbatims should not be any older than two weeks.
  5. Demonstrate ethical and professional behavior in the course and internship activities.
  6. Pay tuition and other fees on time.
  7. Demonstrate academic honesty in the presentation of one’s work, which includes not plagiarizing another person’s work and reporting only the number of hours involved in an internship.
  8. Maintain confidentiality with all material shared in and outside the group.