Academic Progression Policy

Educational Expectations

A course/unit of CPE and Supervisory CPE requires a minimum of 400 hours (100 hours structured learning) and (300 hours unstructured or clinical learning).  Each course must be moved through progressively, which requires the completion of Thinkific Educational Modules.  The structure of the courses/units varies on intensive units (10-12 weeks) to extended courses/units (12-24 weeks).

Successful Completion

In order for students to move successfully through each course the CPE outcomes must be met. Requirements can be viewed here.

Recognizing Completion

Students will complete a final evaluation and receive a final evaluation from the CPE Supervisor (faculty) member.  In addition, a certificate of completion will be awarded to recognize the completion and the number of CEUs.

Advanced Standing

Students may apply for advanced standing, which suggests that credit could possibly be awarded for one or more courses/units of CPE if one’s prior educational and experiential learning experiences meet or exceed CPEI CPE objectives and outcomes. The form for requesting consideration is available here.