Maintenance of Student Records

CPEI Supervisors/Educators are responsible to ensure student records are maintained in the secure CPEI SharePoint site.

Copies of students’ files listed above must be maintained for a period of seven (7) years from the start of the student with CPEI or adjusted if time occurs between courses.

Minimum items to be maintained in the student’s confidential file:

  • CPEI Application – including the original application unless after 1 year or a sabbatical, in which the demographic information needs updating
  • Signed student acceptance letter
  • Students’ Final Evaluation
  • Supervisor/Educator’s Final Evaluation of Student
  • Certificate(s) of course completion
  • Signed consent forms to audio or videotape a group of individual sessions
  • Signed release of evaluations or transcripts
  • Disciplinary actions (as applicable)
  • Letter of non-credit (as applicable)
  • Letter of cancellation or withdrawal (as applicable)

CPE and Supervisory Student Training Records are evidenced by: Post Course Completion Report

Post Course Completion Training Reports include the following information:

  • CPEI Affiliate Organization Name, Address and Center ID number
  • Student’s first and last name, Membership #
  • CPE/Supervisor, Education Course/Event Title (Course #, i.e., CPE 100, etc.)
  • Amount of credit earned (CPE and IACET CEUs

Post Course Completion Reports are submitted by Supervisory/Supervisory Students within 30 days after the completion of the course here.

CPEI Administrative Assistant:

  • Download to an Excel file within 7 days of submission and maintain in CPEI’s Administrative SharePoint folder
  • Releases of Student Training Records (Transcripts) will be released only upon a request from the student with fees paid and the request from can be accessed here.

Security of Student Records is imperative to CPEI and student information is secured by restricted access to SharePoint sites and folders.