Financial Policy

Tuition, Cancellation, Refunds and Discounts

CPE Centers will publish the tuition fee, payment schedules, refunds, stipends, cancellations, etc.

  • CPEI will establish a tuition fee which will be published on the website
  • CPE Centers will establish tuition that is appropriate for their setting. (Exception: CPE Centers provided referrals from CPEI must maintain the fee that is established by CPEI

CPE Centers will issue an invoice to:

  • New students once the acceptance letter has been signed and returned
  • Returning students (CPE Centers/Supervisors will be issued an invoice to students prior to the beginning of a course/unit for the returning student)

Cancellation of Course/Unit: A student has five (5) calendar days after signing a CPEI Acceptance Letter to cancel enrollment and receive a full refund of monies paid to CPEI or an approved CEPI Center.

Student Action: Student must submit in writing the request for cancellations to the CPE Center Director in which one is enrolled

Administrative Actions:

  • CPE Center will refund all monies paid by the student. If money has been paid directly to CPEI, the CPE Center Director will submit the written request to the CPEI Administrative Assistant ( stating the amount to be reimbursed to the student
  • CPEI Administrative Assistant will issue a check to the student for any refunds due within 30 days

Example: Student cancels within 5 days after signing the student acceptance letter and paid the fees stated in the letter. Student paid $899 tuition fee, $50 enrollment fee and $25 library fee equals a total of $974. Refund to student will be $974.

  • Refund After Program Started: A student withdrawing after the course/unit started is entitled to tuition refund monies paid based on the following schedule. Special consideration will be given to a student’s request for a refund beyond the policy in the case of student illness or accident, death in the family, etc.
  • Student Action: The student must submit a withdrawal request in writing to the CPE Center in which one was enrolled or CPEI. If CPEI, the request will be submitted to the CPEI Administrative Assistant (
  • Administrative Action: CPEI Administrative Assistant will issue a check to the student for any refunds due within 30 days.


Percentage of Tuition Refund Minus Enrollment, Equivalency Evaluations, and Library Fees

 Week 1


Week 2


Week 3


Week 4


Week 5 – Following


Example: Student withdraws from the CPE program during Week 3 but prior to Week 4.  Student has signed the acceptance letter and paid the required fees.  If student paid $899 tuition, $50 enrollment fee and $25 library fee = Total Paid: $974.  Refund to student: $359.60 tuition (40%), $0.00 Enrollment fee and $0.00 library fee: $359.60.
CPEI/CPE Center Directors will approve or disapprove the request within 5 working days of receiving the request. If approved, a check will be submitted to the student within 30 days of the request.
  • CPEI/CPE Center Directors will maintain a copy of student cancellation or refund requests in the student files.
  • All CPE Centers and CPEI must maintain a list of any refunds or cancellation by using the form below and make it available to the CPEI Administrative Assistant ( as requested
Discount/Scholarships Policy: CPE Centers/CPEI must state any discounts or scholarships allowed in their promotional materials.  The specific time period related to the discount or scholarship must be stated, and students must submit in writing any special requests for a scholarship. Copies of these request are to be maintained in the student files.
Financial Aid: CPEI does not participate in Federal Financial Aid Programs (Title IV Pell Grants, Perkins Loans, etc.) due to the extensive administrative requirements.
Student Failure to Fulfill Financial Obligations:
CPE Centers will inform students that the failure to fulfill financial obligations could result in:
  • Failure to receive CPE/Supervisory Credit or IACET CEUs
  • Failure to receive a Certificate of Completion
  • Failure to receive a final evaluation
  • Potential removal from the CPE program
Truth in Lending Act (TILA): CPEI agrees to not disclose credit card information to anyone outside the person to whom holds the card.  CPEI does not provide loans to students.  Students who agree to make installment payments may be charged an additional amount.