Calculating & Awarding CEUs and Course Hours Process

CPE Supervisor/Educators communicate to the students the requirements for earning IACET CEUs at the beginning of each course.

Clock Hour: Clock hour is defined as the instructional time. One instructional hour is defined as 60 minutes of instruction in a 60-minute period. A 5 – 10 minute break may occur between each 60-minute small group experience; however the break does not count toward the hours.

Contact Time: Contact time is the length in which a learned and learning source interact. So, a contact hour is one clock of hour interaction between a learner and an Educator, or between a learner and learning materials. NOTE: This definition applies to both face-to-face interactions and distance or online, self-paced learning events.

Distance Education: Distance Education:  “is a process of interaction and learning that occurs when a student and instructor are not in the same location. Distance education utilizes technologies such as the internet, telecommunications, audio conferencing, and other forms of media such as DVDs and streaming video to deliver instruction to students who are separated from the instructor and to support regular and substantive interaction between the students and the instructor, either synchronously or asynchronously” (The U.S. Department of Education defines distance education within the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 34 § 600.2 as cited in DEAC Accreditation Handbook, July 2021, p. 152).

A requirement of 51% learning activities is described below:

Supervisor/ Educator calculates IACET CEUs (Contact Hours):

  • Allowed Activities: classroom, self-paced, distance learning, or other projects which support a learning outcome
  • Not Allowed Activities: unsupervised, or unsponsored activities such as breaks, non-working lunch, or anything promotional in nature
  • IACET CEUs: Contact time (Hrs)/10 Hours = #CE or 1 CEU – 10 hours

Example for Counting Hours:

  • 1 – Contact Hour (60 minutes) = . IACET CEU
  • 2 – Contact Hours (120 minutes)  = .2 IACET CEUs
  • 10 – Contact Hours = 1.0 IACET CEUs
  • Use the following formula in minutes: Total Minutes All Activities – Total Minutes Non-Allowable/60 Minutes = #Hours

Student completes 5 h ours of classroom instruction per week or 60-minute instruction – contact time, and a 10-minute break between each hour. For a total of 300 minutes of instruction/supervision and a 40-minute break time, which does not count. Therefore, the supervisor will calculate the 300/60 = .5 CEUs

Supervisor/Educator determine the Instruction/Supervision (Classroom Time) and distance education hours and percentage (minimum of 51% per unit/course) using the form below.


Average Time Per Instance or Week


3 – 8 hours per week (Based on Weeks of CPE Course/Unit)

Individual Supervision (Required)

1 hour

Internship – depends on the number of weeks.  

Example: 15 weeks – 20 hours per week internship time.

10-30 hours per week (Based on Weeks of CPE Course/Unit)

Thinkific Modules (Online Learning)

2 hours per week


4 hours

Verbatim Reflection

2 hours

Weekly Reflection

2 hours

Presentations (Genograms, etc.)

6 hours

Reading Time

4 hours per week

Mid-Course/Unit Evaluation

3 hours

Final Course/Unit Evaluation

5 hours