Certificate in Supervisory Education

Supervisory Candidate II


  • Completes Moodle Modules SEC 1000-1004 and course requirements in 6 months following approval of the Pastoral Model of Supervision. Exceptions to this timeline must be submitted in writing to the Certification Committee for approval.
  • Remain in consultation and supervision with one’s Training Supervisor during this period.
  • Completes the Supervisory Candidate II Application
  • Once application has been received an approved the Supervisory Candidate II will receive a link to upload the necessary documents and resources.
  • Once all items have been uploaded, the Co-Chair for Certification will arrange for a face-to-face interview via Zoom.
  • Demonstrates the ability to organize, manage, and supervise a solo course of CPE. This requires identifying, interviewing, and accepting students, creating a syllabus, conducting individual and group supervision and evaluations.  This should be completed within 6 months. An extension must be submitted to the Certification Committee if the time exceeds this time.
  • Submits a 10–15-minute maximum segment of one’s individual and group supervision of the current course.
  • Submits a written narrative for each individual and group video tape. The narratives should not exceed 5 pages double-spaced for each video and include the following:
  • One’s understanding and respect for the cultural dynamics, learning styles, religious history/theology, and psychosocial patterns of development for the students enrolled in the solo course.
  • Perception of one’s strengths and limitations as a supervisor leading the solo course as well as explicit description of one’s pastoral supervision theory and theology in action.
  • A copy of the solo course’s syllabus.
  • A copy of the student and supervisors’ final evaluations of the solo course.
  • Review by the Certification Committee.