Certificate in Supervisory Education

Supervisory Candidate I


  • Completes SEC 600-900 units of Supervisory Education with an approved CPE Training Supervisor in 12-18 months, which includes observation and co-supervision. Exceptions to this timeline must be submitted in writing to the Certification Committee for approval.
  • Board Certified as a Chaplain or during year 1 of Supervisory Education the candidate must become board certified.
  • Enrollment and completion of Moodle Modules 600-900. One per each course of supervisory education and participation in a CPEI Supervisory Connections Group.
  • Completes Model of Pastoral Supervision Application
  • Submission of Pastoral Model of Supervision with in-text citations and references. The Model is not to exceed 30 pages double-spaced and includes:
  • A brief (1-2 page) insightful autobiography which highlights one’s selection, journey, and understanding of self as a CPE Supervisor.
  • Identification and application of a human development theory as it relates to pastoral supervision.
  • Identification and application of theological insights relate to pastoral
  • Submission of a brief (30-minute maximum) video or PowerPoint with Voiceover which provides a personal description of one’s theoretical and theological approach to supervision. Below is an example without voiceover.
  • Evidence of ecclesiastical endorsement.
  • Model of Pastoral Supervision is read and approved by CPEI Supervisors – Educators.